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Ford Truck and SUV Sales for September Hit 11-Year High

Ford F-150

Ford truck and SUV sales have always been a major part of Ford’s economy, and the numbers from September 2015 are proof as to why.

Last month, Ford truck and SUV sales hit an 11-year high for the month of September. Truck sales went up by 23.2%, adding to the 11.3% jump from August. Plus, Ford Escape SUV sales also got a 31.1% boost, which is an impressively hefty number to report. Across the board SUV sales have been up, so it’s good to see that Ford is keeping up with the trend.

Not only did Ford sell more units than expected last month, but the models being purchased were the more highly priced items; in September, the average transaction price increased by 0.3%. That might not sound like the biggest leap, but this is a substantial and telling number toward Ford’s upward momentum.  This not only shows Ford’s increased sales, but the upward trend of the economy for new vehicle sales.

Trucks account for about 41% of Ford’s total sales; so needless to say, Ford is doing very well for itself with its leading sales coming from its truck sales.  And with a truck like the 2015 Ford F-150, it’s no surprise that sales are doing well.  We can’t wait to see what the 2016 Ford F-150 will bring here at Highway Ford!

Ford Compact Pickup Truck May Be In the Works


2015 Ford F-150

A new Ford compact pickup truck could be based on the aluminum Ford F-150.

In 2012, we said goodbye to the Ford Ranger compact pickup truck. Less-than-stellar sales led Ford to call it quits on the practical little truck. Now, as the fuel efficient (and compact) GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado are seeing massive success, Ford just might be re-thinking their strategy. Maybe a compact pickup is what America wants.

Ford recently hinted that it may be working on a pickup that would compete with the Canyon or Colorado – a replacement for the dearly departed Ranger. We all know that the F-150 is America’s best-selling pickup, but with high-end appointments, modern design, and new technology, a compact pickup might be just what the American people ordered.

There is certainly a place for the full-size F-150, but with consumers looking to save money at the pump and the need for a pickup that can maneuver easily on city streets and in parking garages, there is definitely a market for a smaller pickup, too.

Ford marketing manager Doug Scott told USA Today, “We’re looking at it. We think we could sell a compact truck that’s more like the size of the old Ranger, that gets six or eight more miles per gallon, is $5,000 or $6,000 less, and that we could build in the US to avoid the tariff on imported trucks.”

If a Ford Ranger replacement does find its way to the US, we’d expect for it to be a re-engineered 2015 Ford F-150, aluminum construction and all.

Here at Highway Ford, we want to know what you think. Should Ford take the plunge and create a new Ford compact pickup, or are they jumping on the small pickup bandwagon too soon?

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