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Two Ford Engines Begin US Production

Ford Ecoboost EngineA United States based automaker is moving more production to the homeland. Ford Motor Company has begun production of two Ford Engines at the Cleveland Engine Plant. The move follows Ford’s $200 million investment in 2013 and the addition of 450 new jobs.

The plant will produce 2L and 2.3L EcoBoost Engines. The two engines had previously been built in Valencia, Spain. That plant will continue to produce 2L engines for vehicles built in Europe and machine components for the Cleveland plant.

Of the two new engines, the 2L EcoBoost will be available in the Ford Edge. The 2.3L EcoBoost engine will be available in the Mustang, Explorer, and Lincoln MKC. The Cleveland Engine Plant currently employs 1,300 workers and builds the 3.5L EcoBoost and 3.7L V6 engines.

“With more than 4 million EcoBoost-powered vehicles on the road today, Cleveland Engine has been at the forefront of our plan to provide our customers with fuel-efficient, affordable engines,” said Bruce Hettle, Ford’s vice president of North American manufacturing.

EcoBoost engines increase fuel economy by combining turbocharging, direct injection, and variable valve timing. The American built engines will be distributed regionally. Highway Ford is glad that jobs are being created here on our home soil!

Ford to Place 2015 Mustang atop the Empire State Building

The 50th Anniversary of the iconic Ford Mustang is just a few short weeks away. And, Ford wants to celebrate in a big way. On April 16 and 17, if you go to the observation deck of the Empire State Building in New York City, you will see a 2015 Ford Mustang convertible, not way down below on the streets, but right next to you, on the deck.

“New York is one of the greatest cities in the world, and it’s the place where the Ford Mustang story began 50 years ago,” said Mark Fields, Ford chief operating officer, in a statement.

2015 Mustang atop Empire State uilding

Pretty soon there will be a new 2015 Mustang atop the Empire State Building where that 1965 one is.

Ford unveiled the Mustang for the first time at the 1964 New York World’s Fair on April 17. And, in 1965, Ford cut a Mustang into three pieces to fit it in the elevators of the Empire State Building and put it on display at the top.

Now, Ford is going to recreate the process to commemorate this significant anniversary. However, this time around, it will be an even tighter fit, since the new Mustang is seven inches longer and four inches wider.

“Like the team that did this in 1965, the current crew visited the Empire State Building before starting and took careful measurements of its new elevators and doors before cutting up the car,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer, in a statement.

The Mustang will be on display for a total of 54 hours at the Empire State Building. If you’ll be in New York on April 16 or 17, be sure to stop by and take a look at this historic moment.

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