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The Ford Escape Just Became Millennial’s Favorite SUV

Millennial’s Favorite SUV

2017 Ford Escape

Ford it taking a new approach to reaching out to “Millennial’s” with a new game that is appealing to this generation’s love of games and puzzles.  With this game, it wouldn’t be surprising if the 2017 Ford Escape became the Millennial’s Favorite SUV.

The Escape Experience sounds similar to those new breakout games that have started popping up all over the place.  The idea is to use clues given in the game to help solve different puzzles and “escape”.  The game takes place in New York, and your tools to help you escape are, of course, the 2017 Ford Escape.  This game creates a virtual test drive like none you’ve ever experienced, and allows for young adults who enjoy playing games to test out the Ford Escape without have to travel to the dealership.

Perhaps the most compelling piece of this new Escape Room game is that you have to use the technology available in the Ford Escape in order to solve the puzzle to get out.  Although, everyone loves technology and the sounds of things like “adaptive cruise control” and “voice-to-text with SYNC3” sound cool, this game allows for its users to actually see and use these technologies firsthand!

I don’t know about you, but here at Highway Ford, we would love to try out this new Escape Room game.  Tell us your thoughts about how Ford is combine auto world with gaming world!

Memorial Day Events in SWLA

Memorial Day Events

Memorial Day symbolizes many things:  it’s the unofficial start to summer, if the first weekend for great family cookouts, and most importantly, it’s a time to remember all those who fought for us to have the freedom to enjoy our weekends and summer.  If you are looking for local places to spend your Memorial Day weekend, here are some great Memorial Day Events is SWLA to see!

Sulphur Heritage Days:

What better way to spend Memorial Day weekend than at a festival that includes music, food, entertainment, and carnival rides!  The Sulphur Heritage Days Festival is celebrating its 9th year and all proceeds go to the Brimstone Historical Society.

The Taste of Louisiana Festival:

You can’t have a party in Louisiana on Memorial Day weekend that doesn’t include food.  Not just any food, but authentic Cajun Food.  The Taste of Louisiana Festival includes many great Creole and Cajun dishes that are a staple of our great state.  In addition, music will feature Cajun and Zydeco bands, to further celebrate our diversity and heritage.

Memorial Day Avenue of Flags:

Memorial Day wouldn’t be complete without honoring the reason for this 3-day weekend.  Be sure to stop by the Memorial Day Avenue of Flags event on Memorial Day at the Orange Grove/ Graceland Cemetery.  Here, you will find a line of flags as you go through the cemetery and a display of eight previous United States Flags in the history circle.

Best Hot Dog Recipes

Summer Grilling

Despite the hot dog’s seemingly low position in the food hierarchy, it has long been a summertime favorite. Who doesn’t love a smoky hot dog straight off the grill? But, did you know there is so much more you can do to a hot dog besides simply adding ketchup or mustard?

Here are some great hot dog recipes to spice up your favorite summertime food.

  • Nacho Dog. Add chunky guacamole, a grilled tomato-chipotle sauce, cheese, jalapenos, salsa, and tortilla chips to take your hot dog to the next level.
  • Pretzel buns. Try swapping out the bread for a new hot dog taste. Use a soft pretzel bun for your grilled dogs and add your favorite toppings to excite your taste buds.
  • Texas Dog. With crunchy coleslaw, a sliced pickle, and a touch of barbecue sauce you might feel like you’re at the Texas State Fair.
  • Brooklyn’s Corniest Hot Dogs. These hot dogs redefine what a corn dog is. Pile caramelized onions, bacon, corn, and cheese on top of these dogs for a tasty New York-inspired treat.
  • Pescabrat. For something completely different, try whipping up these handmade fish-filled brats.

What is your favorite way to enjoy hot dogs? Share your favorite hot dog recipes in the comments below.  If you have your own recipe for hot dogs, share it as well!

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