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Where Is the Funding for Ford’s New Technology Coming From?

Ford's New Technology | DeRidder, LAAutomakers across the board are working to develop new, more sophisticated technologies to further advance the automotive industry. Ford announced that it will seek to fund its latest batch of technology through a long-term debt plan. The move will mark the first time in four years that Ford has added to its debt—and it couldn’t be for a better reason.

Ford’s new technology will cover a range of areas, including electric vehicles, self-driving cars, and alternative mobility, like ride-sharing services.

“It’s a supportive marketplace for long-term debt given where rates are, and we want to make sure that throughout the cycle of the industry we have the flexibility to do what we need to do and want to do, especially in the emerging part of the business,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford Americas President.

Ford is targeting the large SUV segment specifically when it comes to new technologies. General Motors has dominated the market past few years, but recent updates to the Ford Explorer have put it back on track as a true competitor.

The Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator will undergo their first full redesign in nearly 15 years, effectively giving General Motors a run for the market. Amid extra funding, Ford’s technology will likely come at an accelerated rate as well.

Here at Highway Ford, we’re pumped to see such a dedicated automaker working tirelessly to develop new technologies!

Ford Unveils Its Next Generation of Crash Avoidance Technologies

Crash Avoidance Technologies

When it comes to advanced vehicle technology, there is no name in the industry more qualified than Ford. Ford is constantly developing new technologies to not only make driving more responsive, but also safer. Ford is currently creating initiatives to advance their vehicle’s driving and safety capabilities to a whole new level.

According to a Ford press release, Ford unveiled its next generation of crash avoidance technologies.

Ford vehicles already come equipped with some of the most advanced safety systems in the automotive industry, such as adaptive cruise control. However, the latest batch of Ford technologies is set to make Ford vehicles even safer.

Among those new safety systems is Ford’s cross-traffic alert with braking technology, a systems that not only makes driving safer for the drivers, but also for the pedestrians around them.

“Driver-assist technologies help us all be better drivers because they enhance our ability to see and sense the road around us,” said Scott Lindstrom, manager for driver-assist and active safety at Ford. “Ford’s investment in research and development is paying off by accelerating innovation to expand our portfolio of driver-assist technologies that deliver functionality and performance that customers will value.”

When it comes to making sure that vehicles are safe, Ford is ready to explore new technologies in order to go the extra mile for safety! Check out the latest Ford has to offer at Highway Ford today!

The F-150 is Named Truck Trend Pickup of the Year

Awards for the new F-150 just keep coming in, including the Truck Trend Pickup of the Year. Not only is the new model tougher and more capable than ever, but it’s also one of the smartest pickups Ford has developed to date.

So what does “smart” mean? According to Ford, the 2015 F-150 features a new 360-degree camera, integrated loading rams, BoxLink™ brackets and cleats, LED headlamps, and a remote tailgate among other things. To top it off, the lightweight aluminum design and all-new engine options make it more efficient and powerful than ever.

“Ford has found a sweet spot in the half-ton pickup segment, delivering a compelling mix of efficiency and capability, while still delivering an enhanced driving experience that American consumers demand,” said Sean P. Holman, Truck Trend content director. “What we put these trucks through was nothing short of grueling, and it was the F-150 that consistently impressed our experts.”

So far the 2015 F-150 has won 16 awards – not too bad considering it’s been on the market for less than a year. Truck Trend isn’t just following suit by giving the new model the prestigious title; they recognize the incredible new design and capability of the 2015 F-150. Test drive the latest Ford pickup here at Highway Ford soon!

Check Out These Cool New Ford SYNC Apps


New Ford SYNC Apps

2014 Ford Escape Interior

Ford has introduced several cool, new apps for Ford SYNC AppLink to improve owner convenience and entertainment, including AccuWeather, Life360, and Radio Disney.

The AccuWeather app introduces MinuteCast technology to AppLink customers, which uses an exact address of GPS location to provide minute-by-minute forecasting, information about precipitation type, intensity, and duration to the driver, so the weather will never surprise or hinder you ever again.

Life360 is a free smartphone app that helps family members and close friends stay in touch by showing where they are on a private map and allowing them to send group or one-to-one messages. Being busy is no longer an excuse not to stay in touch!

Most of all, families will enjoy Radio Disney, a 24-hour network devoted to kids and tweens with family-friendly content. It features music, interviews, and live performances by some of today’s most popular artists.

Enjoy these new Ford SYNC apps and all the rest AppLink has to offer with a new Ford car or truck from Highway Ford!

Hennessy Ford F-150 Roars Thanks to VelociRaptor Package

2015 Ford F-150

2015 Ford F-150

The new Ford F-150 is impressive in many ways—from its aluminum frame to its unprecedented mix of strength and efficiency, even to its loads of exciting new technologies. Even though the F-150 remains just as powerful and productive as ever, some people seem to be worried the new truck won’t have the can-do they need to get their jobs done.

Of course, here at Highway Ford, we don’t agree with that critique, but in any case, Texas-based Hennessy performance group has made that critique completely obsolete. A Hennessy Ford F-150, equipped with a VelociRaptor package, now gets over 600 horsepower and attaches right to the 5.0-liter V8 engine that comes with the F-150.

The package is actually called the VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged—and obviously it should put to rest any of those concerns about power that we mentioned earlier. Of course, even if you don’t decide to add the Hennessy package, you’ll still be getting a vehicle with 385 horsepower. Like we said, there’s simply no reason to worry about the new truck’s power.

There’s also no reason for you to postpone visiting Highway Ford to check out the new truck—and the rest of our inventory—today.

Ford F-150 Hybrid Pickup Development Is Underway


2015 Ford F-150

2015 Ford F-150

The brand-new, aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150 has already decreased its fuel consumption significantly, raising its fuel economy rating to 26 mpg—a terrific number for a big truck. But what if this number increased even more? Ford is looking to do just that with a gas-electric hybrid powertrain, which the American carmaker is currently developing as you’re reading this.

While the details concerning the F-150 hybrid pickup are currently nonexistent, Ford’s global product development chief, Raj Nair, was quoted last year saying Ford is planning on introducing the world to hybrid pickups and SUVs by 2020. Diesel powertrains are also still an option for the American carmaker, especially since Ford already has this specific powertrain in the portfolio for its larger trucks.

Do you think that a Ford F-150 hybrid pickup development would be a good choice for the brand’s next step in creating a fuel-efficient truck? Or do you believe the automaker would be better off creating a diesel powertrain for the smaller pickup? Share your thoughts with Highway Ford below!

Ford Cop Car Technology That Keeps Police Honest


Ford Interceptor SUV

New Ford cop car technology will be added to the Ford Interceptor line.

Although police officers in the line of duty face incredibly difficult (and dangerous) tasks in keeping our cities safe, as public employees in a position of authority, there is a need for oversight and accountability. That’s why Ford has created a new system called Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement for its line of Police Interceptor patrol cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The technology streams live data about individual cruisers back to a police station or other hub where supervisors and police chiefs have access. The data transmitted includes everything from the obvious, like location and speed, to details such as when the sirens are being used or when the seatbelt is buckled. This data not only keeps track of officers’ actions and whereabouts, but also acts as a safety feature.

Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement “ought to protect officers as much as it protects the public,” said Ford spokesperson Chris Terry to Autoblog.

This system drastically reduces officer and police department liability, because all cars can be accounted for at all times. In addition, police officers are more likely to follow appropriate procedures.

“Working with Ford, we’re delivering a solution for training and visibility for police departments that will be a game changer for their safety programs,” said Greg Dziewit, vice president, OEM business at Telogis. “Combining exclusive Ford Interceptor vehicle data with the Telogis platform provides law enforcement agencies with unprecedented levels of intelligence about their fleet operations to drive safety, improve situational awareness during critical events and reduce overall costs.”

Here at Highway Ford, we think the new Ford cop car technology is a win-win, and a good step in restoring public confidence while providing real data that can serve as protection for our police officers.

Ford gives inflatable seat belt technology to all

Ford has been using an amazing safety feature for the past few years, their patented inflatable seat belts, since its initial patent in 2008. Starting in their 2011 Ford Explorer and added into the 2013 Ford Flex, Lincoln MKT and MKZ, and the 2014 Ford Fusion. To continue this trend, Ford is inserting the inflatable seat belts in the new 2015 F-150 pick-up and plans to have it installed in many more future models now that they have a third generation patent currently pending.

But that’s not all the good news coming out of the new patent. Ford is now offering the original system to many different suppliers, their top competitors, and manufacturers of military, airplanes, helicopters, and even boats. The technology will be hosted by AutoHarvest, a nonprofit group, which will then be used by transportation manufacturers like NASA!

AutoHarvest cofounder David Cole said, “We are glad to be able to play a role in spreading this safety technology more broadly.” Chris Danowski, the director of technology commercialization for Ford Global Technologies, added “We are constantly looking at how to improve…our goal is not to withhold it, especially if it is related to safety.”

Have questions about this particular safety feature? Stop on by and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps here at Highway Ford!

2014 Ford Fusion

2014 Ford Fusion

Ford Teams Up With Blackberry on MyTouch Infotainment System

You may have heard that Ford was going a new direction with their new MyTouch in-car infotainment system. No longer will tech-giant Microsoft be the software supplier for Ford, as the American car company has decided to go with Blackberry and the QNX.

According to a Ford statement published by the Detroit Free Press “Ford works with a variety of partners and suppliers to develop and continuously improve our in-car connectivity systems for customers.”

The switch is partly being made in response to Consumer Reports’ annual auto-reliability survey in which, Ford ranked 26 out of 28. However this is just one survey and there are plenty of consumers who live MyTouch the way it is. While Ford will not officially “discuss details… or speculate on future products for competitive reasons” the switch will likely propel Ford up the ranks in the near future as the QNX system has already proved to be successful in some other car brands.

We’ll have to wait to see this change implemented in the new MyTouch infotainment system, but you can look forward to getting the latest offerings from Ford at Highway Ford.

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