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Ford’s June Sales Overcome Chevrolet Shots

Ford’s June Sales

Chevrolet may have aired several advertisements comparing the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado but they don’t seem to have had much effect. In fact, the ads seemed to have backfired on their creators if the latest sales numbers are anything to go by. Ford’s June Sales proved that the original American brand still has what it takes to overcome any obstacle.

Despite the ad that claimed the Silverado’s steel bed is far tougher than the F-150’s aluminum bed, Ford F-150 sales increased by a massive 28% in June. That brings the total number of F-Series pickups sold last month to over 70,000.

While Chevrolet created the ads to hit Ford hard, the Silverado actually saw a 3.7% decline in sales compared to the same time last year. That puts the Chevrolet Silverado’s sales at just under 50,000 units.

In addition to the Ford F-150’s increase, the Ford Escape saw a 20% increase in sales. Those two, plus a few other crossovers and SUVs, brought Ford’s June sales to a 6.4% increase with over 240,000 vehicles sold. Ford sold 225,647 vehicles in June 2015.

On top of Ford’s success, Lincoln, Ford’s luxury brand, saw a 5.8% increase in sales as well.

We here at Highway Ford are glad to see true quality and strength overwhelming the competition!

Ford’s Best-Selling Utility Vehicle Continues with New Explorer Milestones

2015 Ford Explorer

The Explorer is Ford’s best-selling utility vehicle and has crossed the 7 million threshold.

Sport utility vehicles weren’t new in 1990, but they sure weren’t as popular. Sometimes, making something popular is not a question of innovation or novelty—it’s just a matter of taking something that already exists and making it better in every way.

Twenty-four years ago, the Ford Explorer did just that. It can be partly credited for the rise in popularity of SUVs—well, it wasn’t so much a “rise” as it was an explosion. Between 1991 and 1994, Ford sold a million first-generation Explorers. By 2001, it had sold three times that number in only twice the time, and then another two million by 2005.

Today, Ford’s best-selling utility vehicle has reached the seven-million sales mark and can very well be called America’s best-selling utility for nearly 25 years. If you ask us, their latest model is the best one yet. Come give it a test drive at Highway Ford!

Keep $6,000 in Your Pocket with the 2015 Ford Focus Electric Price Drop

2014 Ford Focus

Ford has cut the price of the 2015 Ford Focus Electric by another $6,000. The 2014 Ford Focus Electric plug-in is shown here.

With yet another $6,000 price drop for the 2015 model, the Ford Focus Electric has gone from being a bargain to being a steal here at Highway Ford.

Last year, Ford had lowered the $39,200 price of the Focus Electric by about $4,000 to try to increase sales. Now, with the new discount, the EV will start at a mere $29,995, giving consumers not just an incentive to take a look at the car but rather something more like a vigorous push.

With these price drops, Ford hopes to take a bigger piece of the EV pie that it has been sharing with the Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet Volt, Honda Fit EV, and Mitsubishi i, all of which have also received discounts at some point in their lifetimes to try to remain competitive.

Thanks to the $6,000 discount, the Focus Electric is now priced almost identically to the Nissan Leaf, despite being offered exclusively in top-spec SEL trim, which features equipment similar to that of the more expensive mid-level LEAF.

Take advantage of the new Ford Focus Electric price drop!

Ford August Sales Records Set by Fusion and Explorer

This year, absolutely nothing can get in Ford’s way and slow down its momentum as a brand. That momentum continued in August, too, as both the Fusion and Escape set individual August sales records during the month. They weren’t the only two vehicles to post strong numbers, though—the Explorer had its best August in a decade last month and the brand moved 222,174 vehicles in the month overall.

“Both Fusion and Escape set records in August, each continuing on a strong pace toward 2014 being a best-ever sales year,” John Felice, Ford’s vice president of U.S. Marketing, Sales, and Services, said. “It was also another solid month for F-Series, which again topped 60,000 sales and maintained its lead as the best-selling pickup in the U.S.”

In fact, August marked the sixth straight month of the F-Series selling over 60,000 units. The Ford August sales numbers, overall, simply indicate the strength of the current Ford lineup all across the board. Come see us at Highway Ford to figure out which of our excellent vehicles is the perfect one for you.

Ford Posts Record Retail Sales during March

We at Highway Ford have good news to report as the numbers roll in for Ford’s sales for last month. The company recorded the best March retail sales we’ve seen since 2006.

Ford’s retail sales totaled 166,030 representing a three percent increase compared to the same period last year.

“March sales turned noticeably higher mid-month and finished strong,” said John Felice, Ford’s vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service. “Fusion set an all-time record in March, as overall retail sales in the West continued to expand at the fastest rate in the nation – including California being up 32 percent. F-Series also had a very strong month…”

The Ford Fusion, which was introduced to the market in 2005, sold 32,963 vehicles; while our highly favored F-Series trucks exceeded 70,000, an achievement that has only been reached four times in the past seven years.

Perhaps you’re wondering why Ford’s sales are increasing and what makes these two vehicles such popular picks for car buyers? Well, come on over to Highway Ford and find out for yourself!

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