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Month: February 2016

Parking Lot Safety Tips

Parking Lot Safety

Whether you’re picking up a few groceries or spending the day at the mall, the parking lot can be a dangerous place, especially at night. Thieves keep their eyes open for purchases and unlocked vehicles are easy targets. While locking your car and covering purchases is a start, there’s more you can do to keep your car, and yourself, safe. Remember these parking lot safety tips from Highway Ford.

  • Back In – The easiest way to keep your car from getting any dings, dents, or scratches is to back into the parking spot when you first arrive. Pulling out of the spot is easier than backing out, even with rearview cameras and mirrors.
  • Distance Yourself – Parking close to the store entrance means more people walking by your car. If you have anything of value, it should be kept out of sight. If you forget, one of those passersby could decide to take it for themselves. By parking further away from the store in a well-lit area, you significantly reduce the chances you’ll become a victim of theft.
  • Go Hands-Free – Talking on the phone is a hazard no matter how good of a driver you are. Driving in a parking lot while on the phone is the first step to a fender bender. Many drivers let their awareness go lax once they’re off the main road. Don’t make the same mistake!

Remember these tips to help keep your car and, more importantly, yourself safe.  The most important thing you can remember is to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings!

Ford F-150 Diesel Engine

Ford F-150 Diesel Engine

The Ford F-150 may be the best-selling pickup in the United States but its enormous number of trims is missing something. A Ford F-150 diesel engine hasn’t made an appearance in the modern pickup just yet but that could be about to change. With the competition picking up on the fuel efficient diesel market, it may be time for the Ford F-150 to throw its nameplate into the ring.

Even with the lighter aluminum body and the smallest 2.7-liter V6 engine, the F-150 only earns an EPA-estimated 19 city/26 hwy mpg. The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel tops that, taking the top fuel economy spot for the segment.

If the Ford F-150 were to see a diesel option, it’s likely the pickup could steal the top spot. Those odds only increase if the diesel engine is combined with the 10-speed automatic transmission that’s currently in development.

One possible engine that could make its way under the F-150’s hood comes from Land Rover. A former possession of Ford, the Range Rover lines currently use a 3-liter diesel V6 from Ford’s engine family. That engine produces 254 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque, topping the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel.

Here at Highway Ford, we are anxiously awaiting news to see what comes next for the constantly adapting and improving Ford F-150 truck!

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