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Month: November 2015

Understanding Octane Ratings: What Do the Numbers Mean?

Gas Octane RatingsThough it’s probably just a habit by now, every time you fill up your tank you select an octane rating. Despite the range of choices at the pump, few people actually know what octane ratings mean. We’ve put together a post on understanding octane ratings.

According to Exxon and Mobil, there are three main ratings: Regular (87), Special (89), and Super (91-93). The recommended octane rating for most cars is 87, though you should check with your owner’s manual to be sure.

Octane denotes the fuel’s resistance to compression before exploding. In gasoline engines, that means the higher the octane, the better the performance. Sports cars and even airplanes use high-octane fuels in order to prevent “knocking,” which results in engine misfires. Diesel engines don’t require high-octane fuel because these engines compress air, rather than fuel, for combustion.

Normally, your car will require 87-octane fuel, which is cheaper than other octane levels. However, if you have a sports car, you are towing, or you are driving at high altitudes, high-octane gas can increase performance.  So choose your Octane Rating wisely!

Let us know if you have other questions you would like answered and we at Highway Ford will do our best to answer you!

The Ford Driving Dreams Tour: Helping Disadvantaged Students

Students Graduating School

Ford recently partnered with schools in San Jose to help give students better chances for later success. The Ford Driving Dreams tour made its first stop in California, promising to donate money to help motivated students.

According to Ford, the Ford Driving Dreams tour is set to impact over 5,000 students in Norther California with high Latino concentrations. The goal is to help disadvantaged students have more opportunities to pursue higher education.

“We are committed to playing an active role in the community, helping level the playing field for students that want to succeed but lack the resources to do so,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, at the kick-off event in Yerba Buena High School today. Furthermore, he states that “With our local efforts through the Ford Driving Dreams Tour and the Palo Alto Research and Innovation Center, we continue to focus on education and innovation as our top priorities.”

Former NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez followed the tour to help motivate students, underscoring the importance of STEM careers. This is just one more way Ford is giving back. Tell us about ways you are trying to give back this holiday season here at Highway Ford in DeRidder, LA!

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