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Month: August 2015

Ford Fiesta Makes KBB’s 10 Best Back-To-School Cars List

2015 Ford Fiesta

When you’re in college, school loans, the cost of textbooks, and gallons of coffee for late night studying, make it important to have a new car that won’t break the bank. It’s likely you also want a car that is practical, safe, and stylish. To truly get everything you want, you want to check out the Ford Fiesta—especially since it was recently named on KBB.com’s 10 Best Back-to-School Cars list.

After evaluating the market of cars under $20,000 against a variety of features, including practicality, fun, style, and safety, Kelley Blue Book was able to put together their 10 Best Back-To-School Cars for 2015. With an efficient powertrain that delivers up to 43 miles per gallon on the highway, the Fiesta makes perfect since for college-aged drivers. This compact car is also fun-to-drive, with responsive handling and a smooth ride.

When it comes to technology, the Fiesta also comes out on top. Despite its low price tag, this fun American car features SYNC3, the latest version of Ford’s connectivity technology. To truly get a sense of why the Ford Fiesta is a terrific back-to-school car, stop in to Highway Ford for a test drive!

Don’t Panic: What to Do If Your Car Overheats

Car Overheating

It happens to almost everyone. You’re driving along, when suddenly, smoke begins to billow out from under your hood. This means your car is overheating. While it can be quite shocking when this occurs, there are a lot of ways you can handle the situation if your car over heats. Here are a few tips to keep a cool head when your car gets hot under the hood:

Relax. The first thing you should know is that if your car overheats, it isn’t the end of the world. It is, however, a very serious situation that should never be ignored. Calmly pull off on the side of the road to get a better look at your engine.

Check your car’s temperature gauge. If you notice the temperature gauge rising, even in the absence of steam coming from under your hood, this could mean a ruptured hose. At this point, Auto Repair For Dummies recommends shutting off your air conditioner and opening your windows. This takes the strain off of your engine. Pull over and open the hood to dissipate the accumulated heat.

Make sure it’s not too hot out. If you don’t notice any leaks at all and it is a particularly hot day, it is possible that your car has overheated due to the elements. This is getting rarer for modern cars. If you suspect it’s due to hot weather, give your ride a chance to cool and get back on the road. Otherwise, call the tow truck, you need to consult with a professional.

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