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Month: February 2015

Ford Scares Us All with New Police Interceptor

At the Chicago Auto Show, Ford unveiled a new Police Interceptor Utility that will surely strike fear in the hearts of all criminals. Since 2012, law enforcement agencies have fallen in love with the utility version of the Interceptor for its versatility and capabilities.

“Our Police Interceptor Utility is the best-selling police vehicle in America because we have a unique relationship with our customers,” said Jonathan Honeycutt, Ford North American marketing manager for Police Vehicles, in a statement. “By listening to the Ford Police Advisory Board, we have engineered a vehicle that officers love.”

2016 Ford InterceptorIn addition to new front and rear designs, the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility features new headlamps, a new instrument panel, an updated electrical system to better distribute electrical loads, and a remote liftgate release switch.

It will also come with the available Surveillance Mode, which monitors the rear of the vehicle and alerts the officer when someone is approaching from behind by locking the doors, rolling up the windows, and flashing the lights.

What do you think about the new Ford Police Interceptor Utility? Hopefully you don’t see it’s flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror anytime soon? Let us know at Highway Ford, in DeRidder, LA!

New 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Gets Debut at Chicago Auto Show

2015 Ford Police Interceptor

2015 Ford Police Interceptor

Of the many vehicles getting their world debut at the Chicago Auto Show this week, a certain model from Ford will definitely stand out – with flashing lights. Ford’s 2016 Police Interceptor SUV, which is based on the Explorer, will be on display this week at the show.

The new Police Interceptor has the Explorer Sport trim at its foundation, meaning it will be able to hit 60 mph in just about six seconds, thanks to a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that produces 365 horsepower – at the least.

One would imagine that the official police version would have a bit of an upgrade on the commercial model. The vehicle is slated to go on sale this summer, a good few months after its debut. Until then, you’ll have plenty of time to research the vehicle, which someday might be seen in your rearview mirror.

The Chicago Auto Show will take place from Feb. 14-22, during which time the new 2016 Ford Police Interceptor will be on display.  Be sure to stop by Highway Ford today, to hear any more news from the Chicago Auto Show!

Examining the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil

Check oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It is absolutely essential to the proper functioning of your engine. In the last few years, synthetic oil has gained popularity. Most people are familiar with conventional oil and like with anything, it takes time for a new model to catch on. But, is synthetic oil worth it? What’s the difference between synthetic and conventional oil?

Synthetic oil is made in a lab, as opposed to being derived from petroleum. HowStuffWorks.com reports that synthetic oil can “produce less resistance in the engine.” That means that the oil isn’t fighting the movement of the engine parts. Thus, you get more horsepower and improved efficiency. Using synthetic oil, your vehicle can go anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 miles between oil changes.

While at first it might seem like using synthetic oil is a no-brainer, it is more expensive. You’d have to do a little math to ensure that it was indeed the cheaper way to go.

And for those that contend that synthetic oil is more environmentally-friendly, that is arguable. HowStuffWorks says that “synthetics are unfortunately formed by chemicals that are no less harmful to the environment.” However, it’s highly likely that they are the greener choice.

Speaking of oil, are you due for an oil change? Pay us a visit at Highway Ford and we’ll take care of it quickly!

Ford Motor Company Gives Back Almost $100 Million to Charities

People Working together

When it comes to impacting our world, Ford Motor Company is serious about making a difference. The automaker is limitless in its efforts to shaping the way we move, but the company also ventures to get involved in local communities, serving in those places where it provides vehicles. During 2014, Ford and Lincoln dealers provided almost $100 million to charities and local causes.

Each year, Ford asks its dealers around the world to report their charitable giving in the Survey on Dealer Giving. The survey results tell of dealers’ involvement in the local community, not only in giving financially, but in giving of their time as well. Dealership employees gave close to 1 million volunteer hours as they supported the local community by involving their hands and feet.

“These amazing results exemplify the pattern of caring and compassion we have come to recognize among Ford dealers across the globe,” said Edsel B. Ford II, chair of the Salute to Dealers awards program, which recognizes the philanthropy of Ford dealers.

“We know that regardless of the challenges our dealers face, contributing at this level is done not just out of a sense of duty, but out of a passion they share with their employees and customers.”

Based on the survey, 82% of both Ford and Lincoln dealers gave to various organizations to positively impact the community.

Here at Highway Ford, we are proud to be able to pitch in and make our community a little better and a little brighter. Together with other Ford Motor Company dealers, we truly are changing the world.

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