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Month: November 2014

Ford’s Best-Selling Utility Vehicle Continues with New Explorer Milestones

2015 Ford Explorer

The Explorer is Ford’s best-selling utility vehicle and has crossed the 7 million threshold.

Sport utility vehicles weren’t new in 1990, but they sure weren’t as popular. Sometimes, making something popular is not a question of innovation or novelty—it’s just a matter of taking something that already exists and making it better in every way.

Twenty-four years ago, the Ford Explorer did just that. It can be partly credited for the rise in popularity of SUVs—well, it wasn’t so much a “rise” as it was an explosion. Between 1991 and 1994, Ford sold a million first-generation Explorers. By 2001, it had sold three times that number in only twice the time, and then another two million by 2005.

Today, Ford’s best-selling utility vehicle has reached the seven-million sales mark and can very well be called America’s best-selling utility for nearly 25 years. If you ask us, their latest model is the best one yet. Come give it a test drive at Highway Ford!

2015 Ford Mustang King Cobra Parts Package Debuts at SEMA

2015 Mustang

The King Cobra Parts Package will turn the 2015 Mustang into a track star.

For the 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, Ford Racing revealed the 2015 Mustang equipped with the King Cobra parts package. The package is composed of a set of three performance packages, the first offered for the all-new pony car. The most exciting part is they are available to all owners of the Mustang, not just those who built the King Cobra and displayed it at the SEMA Show.

The King Cobra package includes the “Drag Pack,” “Handling Pack,” and “Super Pack,” giving the track-ready Mustang 600+ horsepower and other high-performance features.

“At Ford Racing, we like to push cars to their absolute limit,” said Jamie Allison, Ford Racing director. “This is something we have been doing for 113 years and why we were so excited to get our hands on the all-new, 2015 Mustang.

“We wanted Mustang enthusiasts to be able to open up the Ford Racing parts catalog and get one of everything and see what they could get. We think the King Cobra package is it. But none of this great work would be possible if Team Mustang had not built the best production Mustang yet.”

For more information on purchasing the King Cobra package or to behold the 2015 Mustang in its original glory, before performance modifications, stop by Highway Ford today. We would be glad to oblige.

Sao Paulo Motor Show Surprises with Ford’s EcoSport Storm Concept


The Sao Paulo Motor Show, a lesser-known auto event, has given us a glimpse of Ford’s EcoSport Storm concept. The vehicle looks heavy duty, like it could weather anything you throw its way. Taking styling cues from the brand’s Raptor pick-up, the Storm features a huge front grille with the Ford name stamped right on it, plus has similar underbody protection and tough alloy wheels.

The little Storm looks ready for some serious off-roading, which could give the equally tiny Jeep Renegade a run for its money! In its press release, Honda says the vehicle was “created to convey strength and power, starting with the grid aggressive profile. The paint in the color “Blue Storm,” with details in black and silver, is supplemented by special graphics on the sides.” You can read the full press release here. When the Storm reaches production it will most likely come with a four-cylinder gas engine that will easily meet your all-terrain needs.

Come on over to Highway Ford today and try out all of our latest models. Don’t wait to schedule a test drive!

Ford Cop Car Technology That Keeps Police Honest


Ford Interceptor SUV

New Ford cop car technology will be added to the Ford Interceptor line.

Although police officers in the line of duty face incredibly difficult (and dangerous) tasks in keeping our cities safe, as public employees in a position of authority, there is a need for oversight and accountability. That’s why Ford has created a new system called Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement for its line of Police Interceptor patrol cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The technology streams live data about individual cruisers back to a police station or other hub where supervisors and police chiefs have access. The data transmitted includes everything from the obvious, like location and speed, to details such as when the sirens are being used or when the seatbelt is buckled. This data not only keeps track of officers’ actions and whereabouts, but also acts as a safety feature.

Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement “ought to protect officers as much as it protects the public,” said Ford spokesperson Chris Terry to Autoblog.

This system drastically reduces officer and police department liability, because all cars can be accounted for at all times. In addition, police officers are more likely to follow appropriate procedures.

“Working with Ford, we’re delivering a solution for training and visibility for police departments that will be a game changer for their safety programs,” said Greg Dziewit, vice president, OEM business at Telogis. “Combining exclusive Ford Interceptor vehicle data with the Telogis platform provides law enforcement agencies with unprecedented levels of intelligence about their fleet operations to drive safety, improve situational awareness during critical events and reduce overall costs.”

Here at Highway Ford, we think the new Ford cop car technology is a win-win, and a good step in restoring public confidence while providing real data that can serve as protection for our police officers.

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