We love talking about the Ford Mustang here at Highway Ford. Whether it’s a perfectly restored classic muscle version, or a modern model year that races past the dealership with engines roaring! So it should come to no surprise to our constant readers that anytime we get new news about the Ford Mustang we can’t wait to share it. Well today, we have some new information not about the model itself but instead a company that creates some the top of the line aftermarket modifications for the Ford Mustang and their triumphant return to the market.

Saleen, one of the most well known producers of aftermarket tuners for America’s favorite muscle cars has reunited after a split awhile back. Recently, they released the first teaser image of their 2015 Saleen 302 Ford Mustang to prove why so many people consider them the best at what they do. Aside from the teaser image not much is known about the specifics of the vehicle but the image is enough to get Ford Mustang fans drooling over what their beloved Mustangs could look like. Saleen created the Saleen S7 which many consider the “True American Exotic” so we all have high expectations for the 2015 Saleen 302 Ford Mustang!