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Month: June 2014

Jay Leno drives Henry Ford II’s ’52 Ferrari 212 Barchetta

Ford fans worldwide are not only fans of the current Ford model cars, trucks and SUVs but also of vintage cars. Older cars are more than just the history of the Ford name, they’re the history of our nation and our ingenuity and our drive to do better and be better. It shows that one day long long ago (and in a galaxy far far away….sorry….couldn’t help but add the Star Wars reference in there!) a great man looked at the busy streets and said we can make this better, faster, and more efficient. Old cars are like a scrap book of the auto industry’s growth over the years and many Ford fans love to cherish these moments.

Today, we’d like to bring you a video of Jay Leno riding Henry Ford II’s original ’52 Ferrari 212 Barchetta. Although it may not be a Ford vehicle, the relationship between Ford and Enzo Ferrari is interesting to say the least and begins with an amazing friendship! For those who love classic cars and the history that comes along with them (which we here at Highway Ford are) you’ll have to watch the video below! We have to admit we’re pretty envious of Leno and his great car collection!

Pickup Trucks May be 70% Aluminum by 2025

Last week we spoke about how Ford is trying harder and harder to lighten the weight of their fleet in order to increase handling, fuel economy, and add more power without beefing up the already high powered engines. One way they’re tackling this problem is by creating aluminum based vehicles, one of which is the 2015 Ford F-150 pickup and many believe that all pickups will be built primarily out of aluminum by no later than 2025. We’d be pretty excited to see the change here at Highway Ford because lighter pickups means more power, and more power means more towing and hauling capabilities!

Pickups won’t be the only vehicles benefiting from the increased aluminum usages. North American cars are expected to increase from 350 pounds of aluminum (2013) to 550 pounds by 2025 with the majority of these changes affecting hoods, doors, and some roofs. Ford is going to be using so much aluminum in their new F-150 models that the OEM is expecting a short term shortage due to waiting on parts in their production plants, not to mention that with so many more aluminum parts being used across the industry that demand for the raw material is increasing and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

2015 Ford F-150

2015 Ford F-150

Ford’s Fusion Lightweight Concept Model Might Change Future

2014 Ford Fusion Interior

2014 Ford Fusion Interior

Many consumers who aren’t fully knowledgeable on how cars, trucks, and SUVs are created don’t fully understand just how much car weight can affect its performance, drivability, and of course its fuel economy. Losing this weight, what many people consider “dead weight”, can drastically increase handling while also “adding” power. The issue many OEM’s are facing is where can we trim the fat from our current line of vehicles. Well Ford and their Fusion model are taking a big swing at lowering the overall weight of the car!

Ford is taken a stance to show that mass producing lightweight vehicles isn’t an idea of the fair future, but may enter the mainstream sooner than many people think. To do this, they’re creating a Ford Fusion with the weight of a Ford Fiesta. To save time and a few Google searches for our readers, that’s dropping a 3,323 pound vehicle down to 2,537 pounds…nearly 1,000 pounds are being shaved off while still allowing the same size as a full sized sedan!

Ford Fusion Lightweight Concept Model

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