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Are Trucks Worth the Price?

Trucks are among the more expensive mass-market vehicles in the industry, but their value often outweighs the cost of the vehicle. Pickups have a proven track record as some of the longest-lasting vehicles on the road, after all. So, are trucks worth the price?

Are Trucks Worth the Price?Tough trucks, like the Ford F-150, offer impressive capability and performance that make them well worth the money for drivers that need to tow or haul cargo. That alone can make trucks worth their price to some drivers.

Even if you aren’t out to tow a trailer or haul bricks, a truck can still serve you well. Designed to withstand rough weather and hard work, trucks will last for years to come.

Advances in engineering and technology have reduced the cost to service a truck as well. As a result, you’ll pay a similar price to service a midsize sedan. Plus, trucks are getting more efficient, and their fuel economy continues to increase year after year.

As new technologies continue to become the standard, many automakers are integrating them into existing vehicles. Since trucks stand among the top three most popular vehicles in the industry, it’s only natural they come equipped with the latest features.

Check out the new Ford F-150 here at Highway Ford of DeRidder and discover why trucks are absolutely worth the price you pay for them.

Check Out These Shows and Movies with the Ford F-150

When you think about your favorite movies, you probably think about the actors involved. But, often a bit part of a movie is the cars the actors are driving. Add these shows and movies with the Ford F-150 to your watch list and see your favorite truck playing a big role.

  • Rest Stop. If you are into ridiculous, bloody horror movies, this 2006 film is worth a viewing. It went straight to video, but a yellow 1977 Ford F-150 has a creepy, starring role.
  • Team Knight Rider. This is a TV show that was based on the original Knight Rider franchise. It ran for one season in 1997 and was then cancelled. But, it features a great lineup of high-tech Ford vehicles, similar to KITT, including an F-150, Expedition, and Mustang, who all have feisty, talkative attitudes.
  • The Marine 4: Moving Target. In this American hero story, released in 2015, the main characters spend a lot of time driving a beefed-up Ford F-150.
  • Urban Cowboy. This classic film from 1980 starts John Travolta and Debra Winger, but also features a 1979 Ford F-150.
  • Friday Night Lights. This much-loved TV series ran from 2006-2011 and features lots of vehicles, but the F-150 is one of the main trucks used by the characters.

What is your favorite movie that stars the Ford F-150? You can come feel like a movie star yourself by driving home in your own F-150 right here at Highway Ford.

Best Off-Road Truck Trails in Louisiana

If you own a 4×4 truck, one of the best things to do is to take it off-road and see what it can really do. However, you have to make sure you go to the right place. More importantly, you need to make sure your truck is equipped to handle the type of trail you want to head out on. Here are some of the best off-road truck trails in Louisiana for your consideration.

  • Catahoula Recreation. This off-road adventure in Sicily Island is open by appointment only. There are frequent off-road events throughout the year, including the Louisiana Club Challenge September 22nd-24th.
  • Kisatchie National Forest. Head to this beautiful national forest just an hour and a half northeast of DeRidder and enjoy some fun off-roading. Be sure to check online for the status of certain trails and follow all rules and regulations.
  • Louisiana Mudfest. This 300-acre park located in Colfax always offers visitors a great time. In addition to hard-core mudding, they have music events and more. Be sure to add their Trucks Gone Wild event to your calendar for September 28th through October 1st.

If you need a new off-road truck, come see what the impressive Ford F-150 has to offer at Highway Ford.

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