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The Ford Escape Just Became Millennial’s Favorite SUV

Millennial’s Favorite SUV

2017 Ford Escape

Ford it taking a new approach to reaching out to “Millennial’s” with a new game that is appealing to this generation’s love of games and puzzles.  With this game, it wouldn’t be surprising if the 2017 Ford Escape became the Millennial’s Favorite SUV.

The Escape Experience sounds similar to those new breakout games that have started popping up all over the place.  The idea is to use clues given in the game to help solve different puzzles and “escape”.  The game takes place in New York, and your tools to help you escape are, of course, the 2017 Ford Escape.  This game creates a virtual test drive like none you’ve ever experienced, and allows for young adults who enjoy playing games to test out the Ford Escape without have to travel to the dealership.

Perhaps the most compelling piece of this new Escape Room game is that you have to use the technology available in the Ford Escape in order to solve the puzzle to get out.  Although, everyone loves technology and the sounds of things like “adaptive cruise control” and “voice-to-text with SYNC3” sound cool, this game allows for its users to actually see and use these technologies firsthand!

I don’t know about you, but here at Highway Ford, we would love to try out this new Escape Room game.  Tell us your thoughts about how Ford is combine auto world with gaming world!

More Engine Noise Could Improve Real-World Fuel Savings


real-world fuel savings

A recent patent has revealed that Ford has come up with an unusual way to encourage drivers to save fuel that involves increasing engine noise. Real-world fuel savings are not as high as one might expect given the recent trend of putting downsized and turbocharged engines under the hood, and according to Ford, that’s because most drivers “shift by ear” rather than by the tachometer.

For example, the combination of the Ford Fiesta’s offbeat snarl and turbo boost practically begs its drivers to rev the 1.0-liter EcoBoost 3-cylinder engine. Ford claims that the advantage of downsized turbo engines is negated by this because they aren’t driven within their most efficient range.

To counter this, Ford is injecting low-amplitude noise between cylinder firings that would make engines sound as though they had more cylinders than they do in reality and train the driver to shift earlier. For turbocharged two-cylinder and three-cylinder engines, this should be a way to help drivers save fuel without resorting to invasive solutions like cutting power or artificially limiting RPM, which we expect our customers will appreciate at Highway Ford!

If you have more questions about saving fuel in your Ford vehicle, or you are interested in one of our great Ford vehicles, stop by Highway Ford today and we will be glad to assist you!

Ford to Combine Upcoming FordPass and Spotify for Ultimate Experience


With every year that goes by, it seems to get easier and easier to listen to your favorite tunes on the road. Whether you are a fan of satellite radio or like to bring your personal collection everywhere you go, it’s never been simpler and safer to listen to music while driving.

And it’s safe to say that Ford’s recently announced partnership with Spotify will make the process that much easier, safer, and more fun.  This union will bring two of your favorite brands together as one!

Ford will reveal their newest technology system, FordPass, this April, aiming to give their drivers a “smarter way to move,” and now it seems that FordPass will come with Spotify integrated into the system.

As the largest streaming site on the web, Spotify has an arguably unbeatable selection of music and pre-made playlists. The Swedish company reported 30 million paid subscribers in March 2016, a number that continues to grow.  So it only makes sense that Ford and Spotify would make a great partnership!

If you’re a Ford driver who hasn’t yet jumped on the Spotify bandwagon, now might be the time. For more information or to check out a vehicle to pair with FordPass and Spotify, visit us anytime at Highway Ford.

Ford and Google Partner to Develop Autonomous Driving Technology

2016 Ford Fiesta Interior

Ford has partnered with Google to push autonomous driving technology forward, an alliance that will be announced at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.  With Google’s intelligence and access to information and Ford’s creditability as an auto-maker, we are looking forward to seeing what this partnership brings.

“[Google’s] focus has shifted to looking for OEM partners to deploy the technology, rather than considering building their own vehicles,” said Thilo Koslowski, analyst for Gartner Inc., to Automotive News. Thilo further states, “That makes sense. If Google is interested in bringing the benefit of the technology to consumers, then they need as many partners as possible.”

Both Ford and Google are already renowned for their work on autonomous vehicles. Ford was the first to use the University of Michigan’s autonomous car test site in November and is expected to test self-driving vehicles in California next year.

Meanwhile, Google has been pooling some of the industry’s top talents to tackle the issue of autonomous driving technology. Partnering with Ford should help the automaker save billions in manufacturing development.

We hope to see self-driving cars as early as 2020 here at Highway Ford!  Tell us what you think of autonomous vehicles in the comments below!

Ford’s Interior Design Uses Brain Waves to Determine Most Appealing Options

Ford VehiclesFord is taking an unprecedented step in its research of what shoppers really like and do not like about a Ford’s interior design. The automaker is turning to innovative technologies and science to learn what makes people tick behind the wheel, and plans to design their future vehicle’s interiors based on the findings.

The project, which has been underway for 18 months, measures biometrics and eye tracking, focusing on where shoppers look when they get in a car, where their eyesight lingers, and responses to color, materials, and other important design elements.

“Vehicle interiors have witnessed one of the biggest evolutions across the history of cars in recent years,” said Raj Nair, Ford Motor Company group vice president, Global Product Development in a statement. He goes on to say that, “not only have we introduced a great deal of useful new technology into our cars and trucks, we consistently are adding better materials, improved design and increased features across the board, from high-end vehicles toentry-level segments. All of this leads to a focus on design languages that not only convey the right messages, but deliver on an enhanced user experience.”

The cutting-edge research will first impact the all-new Ford GT, where a whole lot of technology and features are packed into a compact space. The design has to be functional and intuitive in a car that serves both as a race car and an everyday cruiser. Many of the advanced design features of the Ford GT supercar will likely trickle down throughout the rest of the lineup.

Here at Highway Ford, we invite you to stop by and check out our exciting lineup of vehicles – all of which offer interiors that are functional, attractive, comfortable, and easy-to-navigate. Look for even more improvements in the coming years!

Ford Future of Tough Campaign Launched on New Year’s Eve

Ford Future of Tough Campaign

The Ford camp is simply abuzz with the arrival of the all-new, groundbreaking aluminum-body F150. To help get the word out about this incredible truck, Ford initiated a marketing blitz that began on New Year’s Eve.

The underlying message? The Ford F150 is the ‘Future of Tough.’ Edmunds.com explains how the commercial’s focus is on “the strength and durability of the new truck and innovative new features such as integrated ramps and a remote tailgate.” One spot in particular highlights the new F150’s capacity, showing off its 12,200 lb towing capability.

For the Future of Tough campaign, Ford is even going so far as to redesign its Built Ford Tough logo. While stalwarts may be a little perturbed by this refresh, they should know the essence of the design will remain the same. Ford just felt that it was appropriate that the logo be built out of aluminum as well.

Come out to Highway Ford today and test-drive the ‘Future Of Tough’ in 2015.

Hennessy Ford F-150 Roars Thanks to VelociRaptor Package

2015 Ford F-150

2015 Ford F-150

The new Ford F-150 is impressive in many ways—from its aluminum frame to its unprecedented mix of strength and efficiency, even to its loads of exciting new technologies. Even though the F-150 remains just as powerful and productive as ever, some people seem to be worried the new truck won’t have the can-do they need to get their jobs done.

Of course, here at Highway Ford, we don’t agree with that critique, but in any case, Texas-based Hennessy performance group has made that critique completely obsolete. A Hennessy Ford F-150, equipped with a VelociRaptor package, now gets over 600 horsepower and attaches right to the 5.0-liter V8 engine that comes with the F-150.

The package is actually called the VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged—and obviously it should put to rest any of those concerns about power that we mentioned earlier. Of course, even if you don’t decide to add the Hennessy package, you’ll still be getting a vehicle with 385 horsepower. Like we said, there’s simply no reason to worry about the new truck’s power.

There’s also no reason for you to postpone visiting Highway Ford to check out the new truck—and the rest of our inventory—today.

Ford Cop Car Technology That Keeps Police Honest


Ford Interceptor SUV

New Ford cop car technology will be added to the Ford Interceptor line.

Although police officers in the line of duty face incredibly difficult (and dangerous) tasks in keeping our cities safe, as public employees in a position of authority, there is a need for oversight and accountability. That’s why Ford has created a new system called Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement for its line of Police Interceptor patrol cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The technology streams live data about individual cruisers back to a police station or other hub where supervisors and police chiefs have access. The data transmitted includes everything from the obvious, like location and speed, to details such as when the sirens are being used or when the seatbelt is buckled. This data not only keeps track of officers’ actions and whereabouts, but also acts as a safety feature.

Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement “ought to protect officers as much as it protects the public,” said Ford spokesperson Chris Terry to Autoblog.

This system drastically reduces officer and police department liability, because all cars can be accounted for at all times. In addition, police officers are more likely to follow appropriate procedures.

“Working with Ford, we’re delivering a solution for training and visibility for police departments that will be a game changer for their safety programs,” said Greg Dziewit, vice president, OEM business at Telogis. “Combining exclusive Ford Interceptor vehicle data with the Telogis platform provides law enforcement agencies with unprecedented levels of intelligence about their fleet operations to drive safety, improve situational awareness during critical events and reduce overall costs.”

Here at Highway Ford, we think the new Ford cop car technology is a win-win, and a good step in restoring public confidence while providing real data that can serve as protection for our police officers.

Up and coming tire tread depth monitor

Every vehicle requires a list of routine maintenance. We’re not talking about getting your oil changed or having your radiator flushed (don’t get us wrong, you still need to take care of those too!) but things even smaller than that. Like checking your windshield wiper fluid, replacing your windshield wipers, checking your tire pressure, and last but not least, checking your tire tread. Tire tread can be something many drivers forget to check, but with worn down tires can potentially cause some safety hazards. These can include loss of traction in bad weather (rain can be just as troublesome as snow with worn tires) which is dangerous and lowers gas mileage and increase chance of debris puncturing the tire while driving causing a blowout or flat tire.

But for those drivers who may be more forgetful than others, have no fear! Continental Tires is working on a new technology that will help drivers monitor their tread depth and will notify the driver when it’s time to pick up some more tires. Although this technology will be releasing to Europe first and isn’t expected to hit American markets for a few years, we’re always excited here at Highway Ford about any technology that helps keep our friends, family, and neighbors safe!

Tires with good tread

Tires with good tread

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