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Ford Mustang Monopoly Piece becomes part of Monopoly’s History

2016 Ford Mustangs

For those of you who love the iconic Monopoly game, your favorite Ford sports car will now be part of its history.  This year the Ford Mustang monopoly piece will be replacing the Corvette Stingray in Monopoly Empire.

If you are an avid fan of Monopoly and have played this classic board game since you were little, you know the importance of picking the right piece to ensure victory!  With the Ford Mustang added to the lineup, we are hopeful that this piece will see many victories, much akin to the way this muscle car has won many awards over its 50 years of existence.

In addition to the Ford Mustang being added to the game, Ford Motor Company has made its way to the board as well.  Ford will take the place of the Ventnor Avenue in yellow and will cost $300K to purchase.  Ford is clearly a place of importance in this Monopoly Empire game, and we hope both the Mustang and the Ford Place will help lead players to victory for those who acquire them!

In all seriousness though, we are excited that Ford can be a part of this iconic board game and showcase its famous muscle car among the ranks of monopoly pieces.  Tell us at Highway Ford which piece is your favorite to choose to play!

New Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang Gallops Off the Line

New Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang

The all-new Shelby GT350R is fresh off the assembly line at Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant. This model is one of the brand’s most athletic builds yet, with a focus on pure muscle and performance. Made to tackle tracks around the world, there’s no stopping the new Ford Shelby Mustang.  The question is, does it hold up to our typical expectation of the a Ford Shelby Mustang?

According to Ford, the new Ford Shelby GT350R comes with a state-of-the-art 5.2-liter V8 engine with a flat-plane crank, generating up to 526 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. Add that to a 3.73 TORSEN limited slip differential and MagneRide suspension and you’ve got one pure-performance machine.  I’d say that’s what we’ve come to expect from our Shelby Mustangs!

“This is a special day for all Mustang enthusiasts,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company.  He further states, “We have taken the GT350 formula to the next level of innovation, style and performance.  Today the legend continues.”

This model also comes with iconic racing stripes and features like Track Apps, which lets you see and set launch control, line-lock, and more. Best of all, this model comes with extremely lightweight carbon fiber wheels. What’s not to like about the GT350R?  Tell us at Highway Ford what you think of the new Ford Shelby GT350R!

Mustang Wins Vincentric Best Value in America Award for 6th Straight Year

2015 Ford MustangThe Ford Mustang has done it again: for the sixth straight year, America’s favorite pony car has won the Vincentric Best Value in America Award for Sports Cars.

This award is based on statistical analysis that combines total cost of ownership of 2015 model year vehicles with their current market price, taking in account insurance, financing, maintenance, and depreciation. After weighing all these categories, the winner is chosen from the one that does the best overall!

In other words, if you are buying a sports car, the 2015 Mustang will give you the best bang for your buck. At Highway Ford, we’d wager that a big part of that is the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, which uses direct injection and variable cam timing to deliver huge power at little cost of fuel—making the car more economical in the long run.

The Vincentric Best Value in America Award joins the many other honors the Mustang has already racked up, including “Hottest Car” of the 2014 SEMA Show, 2015 Automobile All-Star, Edmunds.com’s Most Popular Entry Sport Car, Cars.com’s Shoppers’ Choice Award, and lots more!  For more information about everyone’s favorite sports car, contact us here at Highway Ford today!

Ford, Petty’s Garage Create SEMA Limited Edition Ford Mustang GT

Ford MustangEvery year, the SEMA Show in Las Vegas offers after-market tuners the opportunity to build the vehicles of their dreams. For Petty’s Garage, this meant producing a Ford Mustang GT that gear heads everywhere could fall in love with—and fall in love they did. The public showed so much interest in this special edition ‘Stang GT that Ford and Petty’s Garage have partnered up to produce a new SEMA Limited Edition Ford Mustang GT, based on the original Petty’s Garage model.

“We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about our Petty’s Garage Mustang GT displayed at the SEMA show,” said Jeff Whaley, Petty’s Garage COO. “With so much interest, we began to explore the possibility of building a limited run of the Petty’s Garage Mustang GT.”

There will be two separate versions offered for this limited edition Mustang GT—Stage 1, which will be limited to 100 units, and Stage 2, which will total 43 units. Stage 1 will have a variety of visual and powertrain tweaks, including a unique front fascia and a center-exit exhaust. The Stage 2 Mustang GTs will include a Petty’s Garage Wilwood big brake upgrade and a custom two-tone paint job.

What are your thoughts on the Petty’s Garage Limited Edition Mustang GT models? Share them with Highway Ford below!

Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang – The ‘Stang Loses Weight but Gained Tons of Power!

The latest Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang, revealed at the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit, is the newest bad boy on the track.

“The Shelby GT350R Mustang is a no-compromise car in the pursuit of maximum track capability,” said Raj Nair, the Ford Group’s vice president of global product development. It is clear that the Shelby GT350R Mustang has made some major improvements.

In an effort to conserve weight, the GT350R shed its back seats, stereo system, air conditioning, and backup camera. With the loss of those items and the incorporation of carbon fiber wheels, the GT350R weighs an astonishing 130 lbs less than its GT350 counterpart resulting in quicker acceleration, better braking, and better control around corners.

Under the hood, the GT350R includes a 5.2-liter 500 horsepower V8 engine, which may leave some racers unimpressed compared to the 650 hp of the Corvette Z06 and the 707 hp of the Hellcat.  However, Ford assures us that with the tuned up suspension, aerodynamic exterior, and impressive thrust-to-weight ratio, the Mustang is sure to be the fastest on the track!

Come visit us at Highway Ford this spring and feel the power of the Mustang GT350R.

A Look Back at Some of the Best Ford Highlights for 2014

The end of the year is a great time to sit back, relax, and reflect on everything that came to pass during the last 12 months. In 2014, there were plenty of things for us to remember—especially some of the best Ford highlights for 2014. Here at Highway Ford, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for your reading pleasure, and we hope you’ll let us know if you agree!

Generation Six Mustang

2014 Ford Mustang

2014 Ford Mustang

If 2013 was the year of the Corvette, 2014 was most definitely the year of the Mustang. Although the sixth-generation pony car was first revealed in December 2013 on Good Morning America, the world really got its first glimpse at the redesigned model at the auto shows early in 2014, starting with Detroit and going onto Chicago, New York, and more. For almost a year, Ford released snippets of information about the Mustang, such as its fuel economy ratings, its available audio systems, and its performance packages. The 2015 Mustang finally went on sale in November 2014, and was an immediate hit with gearheads everywhere.

Aluminum-Bodied F-150

2014 Ford F-150

2014 Ford F-150

2014 was an incredible year for America’s favorite pickup truck. The long-running truck was first produced in 1948, and 2014 marked the release of the brand new 13th generation for the 2015 model year. In order to reduce weight and improve efficiency without sacrificing power, Ford outfitted its Dearborn plant with the correct machinery to build an all-new aluminum-bodied F-150 for the latest generation of drivers. The result is Ford’s most impressive F-150 truck ever made.

2016 Explorer Reveal

2014 Ford Explorer

2014 Ford Explorer

A mid-generation refresh of the Ford Explorer was revealed at the 2014 LA Auto Show in November. The 2016 Explorer gets a redesigned front end with a new, higher grille; a closed-off roof rack; and a new spoiler. Additional features include new front and rear cameras, smart-charging USB ports, a hands-free liftgate, and a new audio system for the new Platinum trim level. The 2016 Explorer will go on sale sometime in 2015, and we’ll be excited to see it!

2015 Ford Mustang King Cobra Parts Package Debuts at SEMA

2015 Mustang

The King Cobra Parts Package will turn the 2015 Mustang into a track star.

For the 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, Ford Racing revealed the 2015 Mustang equipped with the King Cobra parts package. The package is composed of a set of three performance packages, the first offered for the all-new pony car. The most exciting part is they are available to all owners of the Mustang, not just those who built the King Cobra and displayed it at the SEMA Show.

The King Cobra package includes the “Drag Pack,” “Handling Pack,” and “Super Pack,” giving the track-ready Mustang 600+ horsepower and other high-performance features.

“At Ford Racing, we like to push cars to their absolute limit,” said Jamie Allison, Ford Racing director. “This is something we have been doing for 113 years and why we were so excited to get our hands on the all-new, 2015 Mustang.

“We wanted Mustang enthusiasts to be able to open up the Ford Racing parts catalog and get one of everything and see what they could get. We think the King Cobra package is it. But none of this great work would be possible if Team Mustang had not built the best production Mustang yet.”

For more information on purchasing the King Cobra package or to behold the 2015 Mustang in its original glory, before performance modifications, stop by Highway Ford today. We would be glad to oblige.

Supercharged Hennessey Mustang Out-Powers Competition

Since Dodge announced the birth of the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat, which churns out an astounding 707 horsepower, the car world has been vying to be the next major player in the speed game and it looks like the tuners at Hennessey have won. The famous after-market tuners recently announced the creation of the 2015 HPE700 Mustang, which gallops at 717 horsepower and 632 lb-ft of torque.


Supercharged Hennessey Mustang

It’s like Hennessey took the 2015 Mustang and supercharged it even more than before.

This supercharged Hennessey Mustang takes the standard Mustang GT and gives its 5.0-liter V8 engine a few tweaks, boosting it with a supercharger that runs at 7.25 psi. Hennessey timed this tuned Mustang and claims that it can run a zero to 60 miles per hour time in about 3.6 seconds, covering the quarter-mile in about 11.2 seconds at 131 mph—numbers that are very similar to the Challenger Hellcat.


The pricing for this boosted ‘Stang is set at $59,500, including the price for the base 2015 Mustang GT. But, the production units are limited to 500 for the 2015 model year. So far, Hennessey has received about a dozen orders for them, so make sure you put your order in soon!

2015 Ford Mustang Boasts Singular Combination of Progressive Technology and Design

We’ve heard all the rumors, read all the reports, and listened to all the experts.  Finally, the wait is over: the 2015 Ford Mustang has been fully revealed…and it’s as beautiful and powerful as you would expect. The new Mustang comes with a fresh twist on the iconic exterior design. Plus, it brings you a plethora of engine options. However, no matter how many cylinders your Mustang’s engine has—4, 6, or 8—you’ll still be getting over 300 horsepower out of your new pony.

“Ford Mustang inspires passion like no other car,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “The visceral look, sound, and performance of Mustang resonates with people, even if they’ve never driven one. Mustang is definitely more than just a car – it is the heart and soul of Ford.”

The new Mustang even includes updated steering and handling systems, and the final result is a car that’s simply a dream to drive. Plus, with awesome technological features like SYNC, MyKey, and a new Shaker Audio System, you’ll be entertained and ecstatic both inside and outside of this car. Come see us at Highway Ford today to learn more!

Take a first look at the 2015 Ford Mustang

Thirty years have gone by and finally Ford brought back a turbo four. The 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost took one of its first test drives in Charlotte, NC earlier this month. The new Mustang is equipped with a turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost four cylinder and will be placed in between the naturally aspirated 3.7-liter V6 and naturally aspirated 5.0- liter V8. The 2015 Ford Mustang has the best return on fuel economy of the three powerplants due to its all-aluminum engine that will have 305 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque.

Upon the launch of the 2015 Ford Mustang, a six gear manual and automatic transmission will be offered. The automatic transmission has been upgraded to include four different electronic modes; normal, sport, track and snow/wet. Although the 4 cylinder engine lacks the smoothness of a 6 or 8, it makes up for it with its smaller mass. The reduced weight allows the Mustang to be very nimble even throughout excessive maneuvering and could lead to being the best in the family. The new and improved 2015 Ford Mustangs will be on our lot and available soon (not soon enough in our eyes!) so come over and see us at Highway Ford if you are looking to add one of these to your own family!

2014 Ford Mustang

Current 2014 Ford Mustang model


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