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Ford Fusion Spy Shots Indicate New Offering for 2017

2015 Ford Fusion Models

2015 Ford Fusion Models

Recent Ford Fusion spy shots indicate that the Blue Oval Company will soon be offering a mid-cycle update for its 2017 model.

Beneath the black and white camouflage covers, the implied lines indicate changes to the front and rear fascia of the car. The pictures from the ‘car-parazzi’ show the 2017 Ford Fusion adorned with a new grille and also indicate reworked headlights, tail lamps, and added trapezoidal fog lights as well as a new bumper. A horizontal chrome bar extending along the tailgate has also been added.

Inside the cabin, a rotary dial is expected to replace the standard gear level, which is the current standard, and will also be found on the 2016 Ford Taurus to be unveiled later this month at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.

Under the hood, the newest Fusion is projected to maintain its gasoline and hybrid options with no major changes to the powertrain offerings expected to occur.

So, need a mid-size sedan offering an array of powertrain options with a reasonable price tag? Expected to come to market next year, look no further than the Ford Fusion from Highway Ford.  Tell us what you are excited most about the latest model of the Ford Fusion!

Ford’s Fusion Lightweight Concept Model Might Change Future

2014 Ford Fusion Interior

2014 Ford Fusion Interior

Many consumers who aren’t fully knowledgeable on how cars, trucks, and SUVs are created don’t fully understand just how much car weight can affect its performance, drivability, and of course its fuel economy. Losing this weight, what many people consider “dead weight”, can drastically increase handling while also “adding” power. The issue many OEM’s are facing is where can we trim the fat from our current line of vehicles. Well Ford and their Fusion model are taking a big swing at lowering the overall weight of the car!

Ford is taken a stance to show that mass producing lightweight vehicles isn’t an idea of the fair future, but may enter the mainstream sooner than many people think. To do this, they’re creating a Ford Fusion with the weight of a Ford Fiesta. To save time and a few Google searches for our readers, that’s dropping a 3,323 pound vehicle down to 2,537 pounds…nearly 1,000 pounds are being shaved off while still allowing the same size as a full sized sedan!

Ford Fusion Lightweight Concept Model

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