When Ford MyKey® technology debuted on the 2010 Ford Focus, parents everywhere rejoiced. What not everyone might have anticipated, however, is how many businesses across the country would be rejoicing as well. It turns out, the MyKey tech is great for businesses that buy or lease fleet vehicles.

MyKey technology allows parents—and business owners—to encourage safe driving habits in teens and workers. Features of the technology include the following:

  • Limiting the top speed of the vehicle to 80 mph (or lower on certain models), as well as issuing a warning when a driver is within 5 mph of the top limit
  • Limiting a vehicle’s audio system to 45 percent of max volume
  • Sounding off a chime and disabling the audio system until all seatbelts are fastened
  • Directing incoming calls to voicemail
  • Issuing an additional low-fuel warning when the tank drops to one-eighth full

One business owner, Joe Dougherty, president of Kentuck-based Lousiville Paving Company, says that the technology helps drivers of his 30 Ford vehicles be aware of safety first and foremost. The technology has been so beneficial that he plans to buy more Fords as well.

“With us, safety is the No. 1 priority,” said Dougherty. “These job sites can be high-risk situations if drivers are distracted by the radio, phone calls or texts.”

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